how to use video downloader

How To Use Video Downloader

There are many tools for downloading videos and audios on the internet. If you want to download videos by the use of video downloader it’s so easy. Vidmate is the best and fast video downloader app. You can download any type of video and also watch online. Audios and images can also be downloaded through Vidmate. It supports many video hosting websites. You can also share the downloaded video or video link to other sites. Its contents do not contain any malware files. It’s a safe and secure downloader and doesn’t current the actual working of your system. Now we describe the method to use the vid mate.

How To Use Video Downloader

Step 1 :

Search downloader application from its official site or you can download vidmate from this site

Step 2:

After downloading the application install it in your device.

Step 3:

Now you can download videos, movies, music, and images through vidmate. You can search by typing the name of content or past the URL which you copy from any other site.

Step 4:

If you are watching some videos on youtube or any other site. You can copy the URL and paste in the search bar of vid mate.

Step 5:

The required video will come in your front

Step 6:

Click on the “red” button to download any video or audio.

Step 7:

a menu box of different formats will occur. You can choose the format which you want.

Step 8:

Click on the download button and content started to download.

Step 9:

You can watch your downloaded content in your device gallery or direct it in the vidmate “my files” folder.

Download Now: Vidmate

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