Download Facebook Videos On Android By Using Vidmate-min

Download Facebook Videos On Android By Using Vidmate

How To Download Facebook Videos On Android By Using Vidmate

In this modern era, everybody uses the smartphone. So everyone knows social media and use it for awareness and for getting information about the whole world. So it’s not wrong to say that ” The world became a global village with the invention of the internet”.

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There are many applications which we are using for entertainment and to seek knowledge. One of them is Facebook. We can share our good time and bad time with others every time and at every corner of the world. There are many pages on facebook which provide us updated news, entertainment videos, current issues,  and many other things. Some videos are very important or well so we want these videos in our android device and share it with other sites.

In this regard, Vidmate provides you a platform to download videos from facebook in a very easy way. Vidmate is the only one best source for download videos from any site like youtube, facebook, Dailymotion, Tiktok, Whatsapp, twitter and many others.

Here Are Some Steps To Download Videos From Facebook By Using Vidmate:

1: Download Vidmate from its official site because you can not found it on the Google play store.

2: After install completely click on the Vidmate icon

3: You can see the 4th number icon of facebook.

4: Click on facebook icon you will reach directly facebook page.

5: Here you found two ways

Create An Account:

This means if you have not any facebook account yet you should create first OR if you have an account and want a new account linked to Vidmate.

Go To Facebook

It reached you to your previous facebook account. Put your Email address and password and click ok Log In button.

  • After that, you will reach your facebook account and able to download any content from facebook.

There is another method to download videos and images from facebook. You need to simply copy the URL of the post of facebook and paste on the search bar of the Vidmate application. it will automatically find the required video and you can download it in more than one format.

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